• What is the cost of the program and how long is each session?

    The program is divided into 4 terms throughout the year; each session is 8-weeks long. The cost is $125 per session.

  • How many students per class?

    15 students per class.

  • How many days a week do classes meet?

    Classes meet once a week, one hour per class. For specific class days and times, please click on the class you are interested in the 'Classes' tab.

  • Do students need to purchase books or other materials?

    Students will not have to purchase books. Depending on the hands-on activity in class, some materials such as markers, paper, and scissors may be requested.

  • Is parent assistance required during the live session?

    Generally, parent assistance will not be required, depending on your child's level of independence.

  • Is there homework?

    Some practical homework assignments may be assigned to ensure students are applying the concepts learned in class.

  • Are classes recorded?

    For the protection and privacy of all our students, classes are NOT recorded.

  • Can I break up the class fee into payments?

    Yes. Please email dragonflies@rabata.org to assist with a payment schedule.

  • Is Financial Aid available?

    Yes, Financial Aid is available, but limited. Please email dragonflies@rabata.org for more information on how to apply.