Class Description

This 8-week class is focused on spiritual development for children ages 12-years old. Developed by Rabata, the unique program focuses on belief, character development, and value systems by learning about age appropriate tahara, wudu, the four levels of purification, and polishing the heart with prayer. This program is centered around the inward and outward elements of prayer including the adhan and places of worship. 

Class Day & Time

Monday & Wednesday 7:00 pm CST

Session Dates: Sept. 20th-Nov. 10th

Cost: $125

This class is designed for children born between the dates of 

Aug. 31, 2008-Sept. 1, 2009

*For the privacy and protection of all our students, classes are NOT recorded. Students must attend live sessions.

Program Policy: Once the session begins, NO refunds are allowed. 


Approximately two decades ago, New Jersey mom of 4 and educator Fadiyah Mian embarked on the journey of a lifetime to study Islamic sciences in Syria. During this period, she completed her training in tajwid and received her ijaza from the late Shaykh Muhyi al-Din al-Kurdi and currently teaches tajwid through Ribaat. While there, Fadiyah also studied under the guidance of Anse Tamara Gray. Fadiyah is one of the graduates of the first graduating class of Ribaat. Through her coursework, Fadiyah found spiritual grounding and increased blessings in her time and her life. Fadiyah earned a B.S. in Psychology from the University of Michigan and joined a dual certification and masters program in education. She also volunteers as lead of Rabata's Circles of Light worship program. In her spare time she enjoys gardening, hiking and spending time with family.

Fadiyah Mian